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Teaching and Learning English in the Arabic-Speaking World

Co-published with The foreign examine beginning for English Language schooling (TIRF)

An very important contribution to the rising physique of research-based wisdom approximately instructing English to local audio system of Arabic, this quantity offers empirical reports performed in Egypt, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)—a sector which has won extraordinary consciousness some time past few a long time. every one bankruptcy addresses a subject matter of present quandary, and every contains implications for coverage, perform, and destiny examine. 9 bankruptcy authors are Sheikh Nahayan Fellows—recipients of doctoral fellowships from The overseas study starting place for English Language schooling (TIRF). This quantity is the 1st within the international examine on instructing and studying English sequence, co-published by means of Routledge and TIRF.

Le Langage, cet inconnu

Par où commencer quand on veut s'initier à l. a. linguistique ? Ce livre répond à cette query, que se pose tout étudiant qui s'intéresse au langage et aux sciences humaines. Plus qu'un manuel, il retrace l'histoire des pensées sur le langage, élaborées dans différentes civilisations, pour centrer son intérêt sur los angeles technological know-how du langage en Occident et plus particulièrement encore aujourd'hui.

Gender Across Languages: The Linguistic Representation of Women and Men

This can be the 3rd of a three-volume entire reference paintings on “Gender throughout Languages”, which supplies systematic descriptions of varied different types of gender (grammatical, lexical, referential, social) in 30 languages of numerous genetic, typological and socio-cultural backgrounds. one of the matters mentioned for every language are the next: What are the structural homes of the language that experience an effect at the family among language and gender?

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This, too, distinguishes sentence complements from noun phrase complements which all have the nominalizer -Vm regardless of the matrix verb. In contrast, each matrix verb which takes a complement must also be marked as to which complementizer it takes. For example, duud and aic be able select the subjunctive on their embedded sentences in the Wollo dialect but prefer the nominalized sentence in -Vm in Shewa dialects. y-ak'tab-u ei 'c-a he-write-subj able-he,irrrpf He is able to write. a'maat-u (other dialects, y-aktu 1 be-m ei 'ca) duu'd-a come-subj able-I,impf (other dialects, amaa'te-m duu'd-a) The transitive verb hay permit selects the complementizer -i on its embedded infinitive.

A'nu ge'el-a-kke I 'is in t-amaa'too-n-u go-impf-place you 'ma-dud-d-a-n you-come-pl-juss (John 8:21-22) neg-able-you-impf-pl Where I am going you are not able to come. 4 Named The unspecified noun phrase plus -k concerning, of is used in the identification of a proper name. (a)'ka-k stands after the proper name and before the verb say iy'ye. If the subject of iy'ye is not specified, the third person plural iyyaa'na is used in a passive sense (see T 23). (The relative derivation in the sense of which they say to be, or call, or name is proposed for this construction in line with the above uses of (a) 'ka-k.

Akri 'y-e way-n-oo (or 'ma-n-akri 'y-oo) read-inf laak-we-aonsul (or neg-we-read-aons) Shall we not read? bar't-e 'wo-o-n-ay (or 1 ma-bar 1 t-oo-n-ay) learn-inf laak-they-pl-juss (or neg-learn-they-pl-juss} Don't let them learn. The verb Jall or rarr (Aussa) or ease (Coastal, Asgaffen) almost, nearly (do) also uses the 'e infinitive. The action of the verb is negated in not quite being fulfilled. 13). anniki 's-e lall-e-n (or rarren, eaeeen) fall-inf almost-perf-they, They almost fell. ak'm-e lal-'t-e (or rar'te) eat-inf nearly-she,you-perf You (Or she) nearly ate.

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