Are Canva Flyers Free?

Are Canva Flyers Free?

The short answer is yes, Canva flyers are free to create. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or a complete novice, Canva offers an easy-to-use design platform with a range of templates and tools to help you create beautiful flyers.

Designer Friendly Features

Canva has been designed to help experienced graphic designers as well as those who have no prior design experience. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to find your way around and start creating, while its range of powerful editing tools give professionals the freedom they need to make creative changes.

The platform offers a wide selection of stock images, graphics and fonts that can be used in any flyer design, and there is also the option to upload your own photos, logos and other elements. Plus, Canva’s drag-and-drop functionality allows you to quickly rearrange the layout of your flyer until you’re happy with the result.

Free Templates

If you’d rather not start from scratch, Canva offers hundreds of free pre-made templates that can be customized with ease. These templates have been professionally designed to help you create stunning marketing materials for any occasion or purpose — from business events and product launches to birthday parties and weddings.

Paid Plans

Although most features on Canva are free to use, there is also an upgraded paid plan that unlocks additional features such as unlimited storage for photos and elements, access to over 500 premium fonts and templates plus custom brand colors and logos. This paid plan starts at $12 per month or $96 per year.


In conclusion, Canva flyers are indeed free — although there is an option for an upgraded paid plan if you want access to additional features. Whether you’re creating flyers for business or pleasure, Canva provides all the tools necessary for you to produce professional looking designs quickly and easily — no matter what your level of experience is!