Are SolidWorks Courses Free?

Are SolidWorks Courses Free?

If you are interested in learning SolidWorks, you may be wondering whether there are any free courses available. SolidWorks is a powerful computer-aided design (CAD) software used by professionals in various industries.

It offers a wide range of features and capabilities for designing and modeling 3D objects. Whether you’re a student, hobbyist, or professional, learning SolidWorks can greatly enhance your skills and boost your career prospects.

Why Learn SolidWorks?

Before we delve into the availability of free SolidWorks courses, let’s explore why learning this software is beneficial.

  • Industry Standard: SolidWorks is widely recognized and used by professionals in industries such as engineering, architecture, product design, and manufacturing.
  • Enhanced Productivity: By mastering SolidWorks, you can streamline your design process and create complex 3D models with ease.
  • Career Opportunities: Proficiency in SolidWorks opens up numerous job opportunities and increases your marketability in the industry.

The Availability of Free SolidWorks Courses

While there are many paid courses available for learning SolidWorks, there are also several free resources that can help you get started or expand your existing knowledge.

Tutorials on the Official Website

The official website of SolidWorks offers a range of helpful tutorials for beginners. These tutorials cover various topics such as sketching, part modeling, assembly creation, and drawing creation.

They include step-by-step instructions along with screenshots to facilitate easy understanding. Although these tutorials may not provide comprehensive coverage of all features, they serve as an excellent starting point for beginners.

SolidWorks Help Files

The SolidWorks software itself contains extensive help documentation. These help files provide detailed information about each feature and tool available in the software.

You can access them directly from the SolidWorks interface by pressing the F1 key or by navigating to the Help menu. While not specifically designed as courses, these help files offer valuable information and can be used as a self-paced learning resource.

YouTube Video Tutorials

YouTube is a treasure trove of SolidWorks tutorials. Many experienced users and trainers upload free video tutorials covering a wide range of topics.

These videos often provide in-depth explanations, tips, and tricks for using various features of SolidWorks. You can find beginner-friendly tutorials as well as advanced topics on YouTube. Just search for “SolidWorks tutorials” and explore the numerous options available.

Community Forums and Blogs

Online forums and blogs dedicated to SolidWorks are excellent resources for learning from other users’ experiences. These platforms allow you to ask questions, seek advice, and learn new techniques from experts in the field. Some popular community forums include the Official SolidWorks Forum, GrabCAD Community, and Reddit’s /r/SolidWorks subreddit.

Considerations for Paid Courses

While free resources are valuable, paid courses offer certain advantages that may suit your learning style or specific needs:

  • Instructor-Led Learning: Paid courses often provide structured lessons with experienced instructors who can guide you through the learning process.
  • Certification: Some paid courses offer certifications upon completion, which can be beneficial for career advancement.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Paid courses may cover advanced topics or specific industry applications that free resources may not extensively cover.

Ultimately, the choice between free and paid SolidWorks courses depends on your learning preferences, budget, and goals.


While SolidWorks courses can be costly, there are free resources available to help you get started or expand your knowledge. From the official tutorials and help files to YouTube videos and online forums, you have plenty of options to learn SolidWorks without spending a dime.

Just remember that paid courses may offer additional benefits such as instructor-led learning and certifications. Whichever path you choose, learning SolidWorks is a valuable investment in your skills and career growth.