Can I Convert Adobe XD to Figma?

Adobe XD and Figma are two popular tools used for UI/UX design. Both tools offer great user experience and design capabilities. But, one of the most common questions that designers face is – can I convert Adobe XD to Figma?

The short answer is yes, you can convert Adobe XD to Figma. It’s possible to import your designs from Adobe XD into Figma, allowing you to switch between tools without having to start from scratch. This process is known as file conversion, and it enables you to keep your design files’ integrity intact while allowing you to take advantage of both tools.

To successfully convert an Adobe XD file into a Figma project, you’ll need the Figma Desktop App. With the app installed on your computer, open the project file in Figma by selecting File > Import > Adobe XD File from the menu bar. You’ll then be prompted to select the Adobe XD file from your computer’s directory.

Once selected, you’ll be presented with a list of options for how to import your designs into Figma. These include preserving layers and artboards as well as grouping elements together by type or name. Make sure you select all of the necessary options before clicking ‘Import’.

Once imported, all of your design elements will appear in their original format in a new Figma project file. You may need to make some slight adjustments depending on how different the two programs’ user interfaces are but overall everything should remain intact.

In addition to importing an existing design from Adobe XD into Figma, it’s also possible to export your existing Figma designs into an Adobe XD file format using File > Export > Export To > Adobe Xd option from the menu bar.


In conclusion, it is possible to convert an existing design created in Adobe XD into a format compatible with Figma with minimal effort. As long as you have the proper software installed on your computer and follow all of the necessary steps correctly, this process should be relatively easy and straightforward.