Can I Create Moodboard in Figma?

Creating a moodboard in Figma is a great way to get creative with your designs and inspire yourself to create something unique. It allows you to explore colors, shapes, fonts, and other elements that can help set the tone of your project. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, Figma makes it easy for anyone to create beautiful moodboards quickly and efficiently.

The process of creating a moodboard in Figma begins with selecting a template from the library. Depending on your project, you may choose from a variety of templates such as fashion, travel, home decor, or even abstract designs. Once you’ve chosen a template, you can start customizing it by adding images and colors that evoke the desired feeling for your project. You can also add text elements to give it an extra layer of personalization.

When it comes to images for your moodboard, Figma has an extensive library that includes stock photos as well as images from Unsplash that are available at no cost. You can even upload your own images or search through millions of Creative Commons photos using the built-in search function.

Figma also offers a wide range of design tools that allow you to customize each element on your moodboard. You can use shapes and lines to create geometric patterns or use its built-in color picker tool to select colors from existing elements in the image or from an external color palette such as Adobe Color CC.

Once you’re happy with your design, you can share it easily via social media or email as well as export it in different formats like JPG or PNG for printing purposes.


Creating a moodboard in Figma is possible and easy with its intuitive interface and powerful features. You can choose from thousands of templates or upload images from Unsplash or other sources. With the help of design tools such as shapes, lines, and color picker tools, you can customize each element on your moodboard until it reflects the desired feeling for your project perfectly. Finally, once you’re satisfied with the result, you can easily share it online or export it in different formats.