Can I Make a Magazine in Canva?

With so many people now turning to digital content, it is no wonder that many are looking for ways to create their own magazine. Canva, a design platform, provides a great resource for those looking to create their own magazine.

With its intuitive design, it’s easy to get started and make something beautiful.

Canva provides templates specifically designed for creating magazines. The templates come with pre-made layouts that are perfect for the magazine format.

They come with the page numbers and other elements like the table of contents already set up as well as sections that help you make sure your pages look consistent throughout. You can also customize the template however you like with different backgrounds, fonts and images.

Canva also offers a wide range of tools that make it easy to edit images and text. The platform has an extensive library of free images and illustrations, as well as premium images available for purchase. It also offers an editing tool that allows users to add text effects like drop shadows or bevels to their text, making it easier to create visuals with more impact.

Once you have finished creating your magazine in Canva, you can save it as an image file or PDF and share it online or print it out as a physical copy. You can even use Canva’s print service if you want a professional-looking publication.


Making a magazine in Canva is relatively easy thanks to its intuitive design and helpful tools. With its templates, editing tools and print services, creating a beautiful magazine is now within reach of almost anyone.