Can I Remove Made on Webflow Badge?

Are you using Webflow to design and build your website? If so, you may have noticed a small badge that says “Made on Webflow” at the bottom of your site.

While this badge can be a nice way to show support for the platform, you may want to remove it for various reasons. In this article, we will explore whether it is possible to remove the “Made on Webflow” badge and how you can do it.

Understanding the “Made on Webflow” Badge

Before we dive into the removal process, let’s take a moment to understand what the “Made on Webflow” badge is all about. When you create a website using Webflow, the platform automatically adds this badge to your site by default. It serves as a way for users to discover Webflow and potentially join the community of designers and developers.

Why You Might Want to Remove It

While many users are happy to keep the “Made on Webflow” badge as a sign of support or recognition, there are valid reasons why others might choose to remove it:

  • Aesthetics: The badge may not fit with the overall design or branding of your website.
  • Professionalism: Some users prefer not to display any third-party branding on their sites in order to maintain a more professional appearance.
  • Creative Freedom: Removing the badge allows you complete control over every aspect of your website.

The Possibility of Removal

The good news is that removing the “Made on Webflow” badge is indeed possible. As an HTML-based platform, Webflow allows users to customize their websites extensively, including removing unwanted elements like this badge.

How to Remove the “Made on Webflow” Badge

To remove the “Made on Webflow” badge, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing the Designer: Log in to your Webflow account and navigate to your project.
  2. Select the Footer: Locate the footer section of your website where the badge is placed. This could be at the very bottom of the page or within a specific container element.
  3. Edit the Footer: Once you have selected the footer, you can edit its content.

    Look for the “Made on Webflow” badge within this section.

  4. Delete or Modify: You have two options here – either delete the badge entirely or modify it to better suit your needs. To delete, simply select and remove it from your design. Alternatively, you can modify its appearance by changing colors, dimensions, or positioning within CSS styles.
  5. Publish Changes: After making any necessary modifications, don’t forget to save and publish your changes for them to take effect on your live website.

Note: While it is technically possible to remove this badge, it’s essential to review Webflow’s terms of service and licensing agreements before doing so. Ensure that removing this badge doesn’t violate any agreements you have with Webflow or other legal considerations.

In Conclusion

If you’ve been wondering whether it’s possible to remove the “Made on Webflow” badge from your website, now you know that it is indeed possible! By following a few simple steps in the Webflow Designer, you can either delete or modify this badge according to your preferences and requirements. Just remember to review any legal agreements or terms of service that may apply before making the change.

So go ahead and take control of your website’s design and branding. With Webflow’s flexibility, you can create a professional and personalized website that truly reflects your unique identity.