Can I Upload a Video to Canva?

Canva is an online platform that allows users to easily create professional-looking graphics with its easy-to-use design tools. With Canva, users can create original designs for web and print, or collaborate with others on shared projects. So if you’ve ever wondered if you can upload a video to Canva, then the answer is yes – you definitely can!

Using videos in your Canva designs is a great way to add energy and interest to your project. Whether you’re creating a presentation, website, or social media post, adding a video can help make it stand out. And even better – you don’t need any special skills or software to get started.

To upload a video to Canva, simply go to the “Uploads” tab on the left side of the page. Here you can drag and drop your video file into the upload window – or alternatively click “Upload Media” and select your file from there. Once uploaded, your video will appear in the “My Uploads” section.

From here, you can easily add it to your design by dragging and dropping it onto the canvas. You can also resize it by clicking and dragging on any of its corners – or use the “Edit Video” button to crop or trim it.

When uploading videos to Canva:

  • Make sure they are in MP4 format.

  • Check that they are no larger than 500MB.

  • The maximum length of videos is 15 minutes.

Now that you know how easy it is to upload a video to Canva, why not give it a go? With just a few clicks, you could turn an ordinary design into something truly unique and eye-catching!


Yes – You can upload a video to Canva! Using videos in your design is an excellent way to add energy and interest. All you need is an MP4 file no larger than 500MB and 15 minutes in length – then just drag and drop it onto the canvas for instant success!