Can PSD Files Be Opened in Figma?

Figma has been gaining in popularity as a user-friendly design tool for both web and mobile app design. It has become the go-to tool for many designers because of its intuitive interface, powerful features, and collaborative capabilities. But many designers are still unsure if they can open Photoshop (PSD) files in Figma.

The short answer is yes, you can open PSD files in Figma. You can easily upload them to the platform and start creating designs that look just as good as those made in Photoshop. The entire process is made even easier by Figma’s robust integration with Adobe Creative Suite.

When you upload a PSD file to Figma, it will automatically convert it into a vector format so you can start editing right away. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing any of the original details from your original file. Additionally, since Figma is cloud-based, any changes you make will be automatically saved to the cloud, so no work is ever lost.

It’s also worth noting that Figma’s vector format offers more flexibility than Photoshop does. You can easily scale and resize elements without losing any quality or fidelity. Plus, with Figma’s built-in libraries and components feature, you can quickly create complex designs without having to manually adjust each element.

In addition to being able to open PSD files in Figma, the platform also supports a variety of other popular design file formats including Sketch, Adobe XD and PNGs among others. This makes it easy to collaborate with other designers regardless of the tools they use.


Yes, PSD files can be opened in Figma with ease. Not only is this process made easier by Figma’s robust integration with Adobe Creative Suite but also by its ability to convert PSD files into vector formats making them easier to edit and scale without loss of quality or fidelity. Furthermore, it supports a variety of other popular design file formats making collaboration between different designers more efficient regardless of what tools they use.