Can Team Members See My Designs on Canva?

Canva is a great online platform for creating amazing designs, but often times team members have questions about how their designs are shared. In particular, they want to know if they can see each other’s designs when they are working on the same project. The answer is yes, in most cases team members can see each other’s designs on Canva.

When a design is created on Canva, it is saved to the user’s account. If that user then adds other team members to their project, those team members will be able to view the design.

This allows teams to collaborate on projects without having to share files or worry about version control. It also makes it possible for all team members to keep up with the progress of a project and provide feedback.

Team members can also view each other’s designs in real-time as they are being created. This can be especially helpful when working with multiple designers who need to stay on the same page and make sure every element of the design aligns. Team members can easily communicate changes or suggestions through Canva’s comment feature.

Canva also makes it easy for team members to share their designs with others outside of the project. They can do this by simply sending a link or an image file directly from Canva. This makes it easy for designers to show off their work and get feedback from clients or colleagues.


Canva is a great platform for teams who need to collaborate on projects and share designs quickly and easily. Team members are able to see each other’s work in real time, as well as send links or image files outside of the project if needed. With Canva, teams can stay organized and ensure everyone has access to the same information quickly and efficiently.