Can You Add Video in Figma?

Figma is a powerful UI/UX design platform, used by companies and professionals to create digital designs. It has become increasingly popular amongst designers due to its intuitive interface and all-in-one design features. But one feature that has been lacking until recently is the ability to add video into Figma projects.

Figma now offers the ability to add video into your projects, allowing you to integrate multimedia content into your designs. This is particularly useful for interactive designs, as it allows you to create designs with embedded videos that can be used in websites or applications. The videos can be uploaded directly from your computer or from YouTube, Vimeo, or other online sources.

You can also adjust the size and position of the video within the Figma project and apply effects such as borders, shadows, and masks.

In addition to adding video, Figma also provides tools for styling them. You can control the brightness, contrast, saturation and color of any video you upload. You can also adjust the opacity of any video element in your design. The styling tools allow you to create unique looks for each video you upload.

Figma’s new video capabilities are a great addition for designers who want to add more interactivity and engagement into their projects. By adding videos into their designs they can enhance user experience by providing educational content or creating interactive elements such as tutorials or product demonstrations.


Yes, you can now add videos in Figma and style them using various tools provided by this UI/UX design platform. This feature is especially useful for interactive designs since it allows users to embed videos easily and quickly without having to use external sources like YouTube or Vimeo.