Can You Create a Calendar in Canva?

Creating a calendar in Canva can be a great way to keep organized and have an attractive design for your personal or business needs. With its easy-to-use tools and templates, you can create a calendar in just a few minutes. Plus, you can customize your calendar with images and text to make it unique and match your style perfectly.

Steps To Create A Calendar In Canva:

1. Log in to your Canva account and create a new design.

2. Select the “Calendar” tab from the left side of the canvas.


Choose one of the available templates or start from scratch by selecting “Blank canvas”.

4. Customize each month of your calendar using photos, illustrations, shapes, text, etc.

5. Click on the “Download” button at the top right corner of the canvas to save your design as an image file or PDF file.

Customizing Your Calendar:

Canva offers plenty of options for customizing your calendar. You can add photos to each month of your calendar, add illustrations such as icons or shapes, change background colors, add text with different fonts, and much more. You can also adjust the size of your calendar to fit any space you may need it for.


Canva is an excellent tool for creating a custom calendar quickly and easily. With its user-friendly tools and templates, anyone can create an attractive calendar without any graphic design knowledge. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to organize yourself or promote something special, creating a calendar in Canva is definitely worth giving a try!