Can You Create a GIF in Figma?

Figma is a popular tool for designing user interfaces for web and mobile applications. It’s well known for its vector-based drawing tools and the ability to collaborate on projects.

But did you know that you can also create GIFs in Figma? Yes, it’s possible to take your artwork from Figma and turn it into an animated GIF.

The first step is to create your design in Figma. You can use any of the tools available to make a design you like.

Once you have something you’re happy with, select the layers or elements that you want to animate. Then, click on the ‘Export’ tab at the top of the screen.

In the Export tab, select ‘Animated GIF’ from the list of options. You will then be presented with a few options such as size, looping, and frame rate.

You can also add text if desired. When you are happy with your settings, click ‘Export’ and it will generate a GIF file.

Adding Effects

You can add effects to your GIFs in Figma by selecting frames from your design that are linked together in an animation sequence. When you select a frame, you’ll see a small dropdown menu at the bottom of the screen with various effects like fade, slide-in/out, rotate etc.

You can choose one of these effects or customize them according to your needs. For example, if you want to make something fade in or out, simply choose ‘fade’ from the list and adjust the timing accordingly.


So yes – creating animated GIFs in Figma is entirely possible! With its vector-based drawing tools and ability to collaborate on projects, making GIFs in Figma is simpler than ever before. From adding effects and customizing animations to exporting your finished product as an animated GIF – everything can be done quickly and easily in this powerful design tool.

Can You Create a GIF in Figma?

Yes! You can create an animated GIF from your designs using Figma’s ‘Export’ tab and customizing settings such as size, looping, frame rate etc. Additionally, effects like fade-in/out or slide-in/out can be added according to your needs as well.