Can You Create a Table of Contents in Canva?

Canva has long been an invaluable tool for content creators, allowing users to create beautiful and professional graphics with ease. But did you know that Canva also has the ability to create a Table of Contents?

A table of contents is a great way to provide structure and organization to longer documents, and Canva makes it easy to add one.

To get started creating your table of contents in Canva, open a new design by selecting the “Table of Contents” template from the main menu. You’ll then be presented with a pre-designed template featuring placeholder text and images which you can customize to fit your document’s needs.

Once you have selected a template, you can start customizing it. Start by replacing the placeholder text with relevant headings from your document.

You can use the text formatting tools on the sidebar to adjust font type, size and color, as well as add bold or italic styling for emphasis.

Next, add page numbers or other identifiers next to each heading so readers will know how far into the document they should look for more information on that topic. You can easily do this using the “Page Number” tool in Canva’s sidebar menu.

Finally, adjust any of the other design elements such as images or illustrations until you are happy with your table of contents design. Once you are satisfied with your design and have checked all page numbers are correct, hit “Download” and save it as an image file.


Creating a table of contents in Canva is an easy way to add structure and organization to longer documents. With its intuitive tools and templates, anyone can quickly create an attractive table of contents that will help readers find their way around their documents.