Can You Do Masking in Canva?

Masking is a powerful tool in digital design, allowing users to create unique, eye-catching visuals that stand out from the crowd. Canva is one of the most popular online graphic design tools available, and it includes a range of features to help users create stunning visuals. One of these features is the ability to do masking in Canva.

Masking in Canva works by allowing users to select an area of their design and then ‘mask’ it with a shape or image. This can be used to create interesting shapes, textures and patterns within their work. For example, you could use masking to add an intricate pattern to a photo, or create a background for text or logo elements.

The process for masking in Canva is simple and intuitive. First, upload an image or select one from the Canva library then select the ‘Mask’ option from the toolbar.

From there you can choose from several preset shapes or upload your own custom image to use as a mask. You can further adjust the size, shape and position of your masked area with the built-in tools.

Once you’ve completed your masked design, you can save it as a JPG, PNG or PDF file for easy sharing on social media or other platforms. You can also easily share your creations directly on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms with just one click.


Canva provides an easy way for users to add creative touches to their designs through masking. With its intuitive tools and built-in library of images, creating eye-catching visuals has never been easier. So if you’re looking for ways to make your graphics stand out from the crowd – give masking in Canva a try!