Can You Make a GIF From Figma?

GIFs are the go-to way to add some fun and personality to your design projects. With Figma, you can easily make GIFs from your designs. It’s a great way to show off your work in a unique and engaging way.

Figma gives you the ability to make GIFs from any of your designs, which is great for sharing with clients or showcasing on social media. You can even use the GIFs in presentations or videos. To make a GIF, all you need to do is select an element in the Figma canvas and then click “Export”.

The Export window will open up where you can choose a file type (such as PNG or GIF) and size. You can also customize the speed of the animation, which is great if you want it to be slower or faster. Once you’ve selected your settings, click “Export” and the GIF will be ready for use.

Using Layers for Complex Animations

If you’re looking to create more complex animations with your Figma designs, layers are key. You can create as many layers as you need and assign each one with its own animation settings. This lets you create sophisticated animations that are sure to captivate viewers.

Sharing Your GIF

Once you’ve created your GIF in Figma, there are plenty of ways to share it with others. You can upload it directly to social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, or embed it into websites or emails using HTML code.

You can also send it directly via email by clicking “Share Link” in the Export window. This will generate a direct link that recipients can click on to view the GIF without having to download anything.


In conclusion, making a GIF from Figma is an easy process that allows users to create unique animations from their designs quickly and easily. With layers, users are able to create complex animations that stand out from other design projects.

Sharing these creations is simple as well – all that’s needed is an HTML code or direct link for recipients to view them without having to download anything! So go ahead and start creating those awesome gifs today!