Can You Play Video in Figma?

When it comes to designing user interfaces, Figma has been one of the leading design tools for many years. With its intuitive and powerful features, it is no wonder why it is so popular.

But one thing that has been missing from Figma until recently is the ability to play video. This new feature opens up a whole new world of possibilities for UI designers, as they can now add videos to their designs with ease.

Figma recently released the Video Player component which allows users to easily insert videos into their designs. The component supports both local and remote videos, making it easy to add any type of video you need. You can also customize the player’s styling and behavior to fit your needs.

The Video Player component is not only useful for UI designers, but also for other types of designers such as motion graphics professionals or animators. By using the component they can easily create animations and motion graphics within Figma, without having to export them out into another program such as After Effects or Adobe Animate.

In addition to being able to play video in Figma, users can also use the built-in audio component which allows them to add sound effects and music to their design projects. This makes it much easier for them to create interactive designs that are both visually appealing and engaging for their users.

Overall, being able to play video in Figma is a great addition that opens up a world of new possibilities for UI designers and other creatives alike. Now they can easily add videos, sounds effects and music into their projects without having to worry about exporting them out into other programs or services.


Yes, you can now play video in Figma with the help of its Video Player component which supports both local and remote videos along with built-in audio component allowing users to add sound effects and music into their projects.