Can You Search in Figma?

Designers often find themselves in need of a suitable tool to create and collaborate on visuals. Figma is an online platform that provides exactly this.

It’s a modern, user-friendly interface, packed with features to help designers create and share their designs with colleagues or clients. One such feature is the ability to search within Figma.

Figma comes with powerful search capabilities right out of the box, allowing users to quickly locate items within the design environment. The search bar can be found in the top right corner of the screen, making it easy to access at any time.

It can be used to search for any element within a project or even across projects, including layers, objects, text, artboards and more. The results are displayed in a list which can then be sorted or filtered by type or name as required.

The search results also feature direct links to each item for easy navigation. This makes it much easier for users to quickly jump from one item to another without having to manually scroll through the project hierarchy or look for the item on each page. Additionally, users can also mark important items as favourites so they can be easily accessed later on without having to go through the search again.

Another useful feature of Figma’s search capabilities is its support for natural language queries. This allows users to input phrases such as “the big blue button” and get relevant results based on their query rather than having to type out exact keywords every time they want to find something specific. This makes it much faster and easier for users to locate items within their projects without having to spend too much time searching manually.


Yes, you can definitely search in Figma! With its powerful search capabilities and support for natural language queries, finding what you need in Figma is fast and easy! So whether you’re looking for an object or layer within your project or even across multiple projects, Figma has got you covered!