Do Canva Creators Get Paid?

Canva is an online platform that helps people create stunning graphic designs easily. With Canva, you can create anything from logos to posters, flyers and social media posts in minutes. But the question remains, do Canva creators get paid?

In short, yes. Canva offers a variety of ways for creators to make money. Creators can join the Canva Pro plan and earn a commission on any designs they sell through the platform. Additionally, users can upload their own work to the marketplace and receive payments for each sale. Finally, users can also join the Canva affiliate program and earn commissions from referring others to use the platform.

The first option for making money with Canva is by joining their Pro plan.

This allows you to set your own prices for any designs you create using Canva’s tools and features. When someone purchases one of your designs through the platform, you will receive a commission based on that price. The more popular your designs become, the more money you can make through this method.

The second way to make money with Canva is by uploading your own work to their marketplace and selling it directly. This will allow you to keep 100% of the profits from any sales that are made through this method. You will be responsible for marketing your own designs in order to drive traffic and sales though, so it may take some time before you start seeing results from this option.

Finally, if you are tech-savvy or have an existing network of followers online, then joining the Canva affiliate program may be an ideal way for you to make money with Canva. By referring others to use the platform, you will receive a commission each time someone signs up for their services through your link or code.


In conclusion, there are multiple ways that creators can make money with Canva depending on their skillset or preference – whether it’s joining their Pro plan and earning commissions on sales; uploading their own work directly onto the marketplace; or referring others through their affiliate program.