Do Figma Figures Come With Stands?

Figma figures are highly detailed, articulated action figures that are popular among anime and manga fans. These figures provide fans with an accurate representation of their favorite characters from various franchises. One of the most common questions asked about Figma figures is whether or not they come with stands.

Figma figures do not come with stands but they do have a number of accessories that can be used to display them. The most popular accessories are the Figma Base, which is a specially designed piece of plastic that attaches to the bottom of a Figma figure and provides stability when it’s being displayed on a shelf or stand. The Figma Base also has two slots on the bottom which allows for additional accessories such as weapons and other items to be attached and displayed along with the figure.

In addition to the Figma Base, there are also other options available for displaying your Figma figures. For example, some collectors opt for custom made stands that can be purchased online or in specialty stores. These stands come in a variety of sizes and shapes, allowing for more creative displays than what is possible with just a base alone.

Another option is to use existing furniture in your home as a stand for your Figma figure. For instance, you can place your figure on top of an end table or bookcase if it’s sturdy enough to support its weight without tipping over. You could also use those little plastic clips that are used for hanging pictures on walls; simply attach one to the back of your figure and hang it up wherever you like!


In conclusion, Figma figures do not come with stands but there are plenty of options available for displaying them in different ways. Whether you choose to go with an official base, custom made stand, or use existing furniture in your home, it’s up to you how you want to show off your collection!