Do Gradients Figma?

Gradients have been an integral part of design since the early days. They are an effective way to add visual interest, depth and dimension to a design.

With the advent of digital tools, gradients have become easier to use and manipulate. One such design tool is Figma, a collaborative interface design tool used by many professionals and hobbyists alike.

Figma’s gradient feature is incredibly easy to use. To create a gradient in Figma, simply select the shape or object you want to apply the gradient to, then select the ‘Gradient’ tab from the right side menu.

You can then adjust the angle of your gradient or change its color values. You can also use Figma’s ‘blend mode’ feature to blend two gradients together for a more complex look.

Figma also makes it easy to customize gradients with its ‘color stops’ feature. Color stops allow you to set different colors at specific points along your gradient, giving you more control over its look. If you want to make your gradient even more unique, you can also add shadows and highlights using Figma’s shadow and highlight tools.

In conclusion, Gradients are an easy way to jazz up any design, and Figma makes creating them simple with its intuitive interface and powerful features. With Figma’s wide range of customization options for gradients, it is clear that Figma does indeed do gradients!