Do I Need an Account Plan and Site Plan Webflow?

Do I Need an Account Plan and Site Plan in Webflow?

Webflow offers a range of features and plans to cater to the needs of different users. Two important elements that you need to consider are the Account Plan and the Site Plan.

In this article, we will explore what these plans offer and help you determine if you need them for your Webflow projects.

What is an Account Plan?

An Account Plan in Webflow refers to the level of subscription you have for your user account. It determines the features and limitations that apply to your entire account.

Free Account:
If you are just starting out or have minimal requirements, the Free Account plan might be suitable for you. It provides basic functionality, allowing you to create up to two projects without any cost.

Lite Plan:
The Lite Plan is designed for individuals or small businesses who require more flexibility and advanced features. With this plan, you can create up to ten projects and have access to additional functionalities like custom code export, form submissions, password protection, and enhanced site search.

Pro Plan:
For professional designers, agencies, or businesses with larger scale projects, the Pro Plan offers unlimited project creation along with advanced features such as team collaboration, client billing integration, white labeling options, CMS (Content Management System), and E-commerce capabilities.

What is a Site Plan?

While an Account Plan covers your overall user account settings, a Site Plan focuses on each individual project in Webflow. It determines what specific features are available for a particular website or application.

Basic Site Plan:
The Basic Site Plan is suitable for simple websites or personal portfolios. It provides the essential tools, including custom domains, SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates, and increased hosting limits.

CMS Site Plan:
If you require a Content Management System to manage and update your website’s content dynamically, the CMS Site Plan is ideal. It enables you to create and edit dynamic content collections, build powerful database-driven websites, and integrate with external APIs.

Business Site Plan:
For businesses that need advanced e-commerce functionality, the Business Site Plan offers features like shopping cart integration, inventory management, advanced analytics, and customer accounts.

Do I Need an Account Plan?

The need for an Account Plan depends on the scale of your projects and the level of functionality required. If you are just starting out or have limited requirements, the Free Account plan might be sufficient.

However, as your projects grow in complexity or if you need access to advanced features like team collaboration or E-commerce capabilities, upgrading to a higher-tier plan such as Lite or Pro becomes essential.

Do I Need a Site Plan?

Whether you need a Site Plan depends on the specific requirements of each project. If you are building a simple static website without any dynamic content management needs or e-commerce functionality, the Basic Site Plan should suffice.

However, if you require dynamic content management or advanced e-commerce capabilities like inventory management or customer accounts, upgrading to CMS or Business Site Plans respectively becomes necessary.


In conclusion, while both Account Plans and Site Plans offer different levels of functionality in Webflow, their necessity depends on your specific project requirements. Assessing the scale and complexity of your projects along with desired features will help determine whether you need to upgrade your Account Plan or opt for a higher-tier Site Plan.

Choose wisely to ensure you have the right tools and capabilities to bring your ideas to life effectively.