Do I Need to Pay for Figma?

If you’re a digital designer, you know the importance of having powerful design tools. Figma is one such tool that many designers swear by. It’s a browser-based design platform that allows designers to collaborate on projects in real-time and create stunning visuals.

Figma offers a free version of its software, which is perfect for individuals and small teams. This version provides access to all the necessary features for designing, prototyping, and collaborating with others. It also allows you to create up to three projects for free.

But if you’re working with larger teams or need more advanced features, then you may want to consider upgrading your account to the Pro version of Figma. With the Pro version, you can create an unlimited number of projects, access additional features such as version control and collaboration tools, and have access to greater storage space.

The pricing plan for the Pro version is based on the number of users in your team. If you have more than five users in your team, then it’s worth investing in the Pro version because it will save money in the long run. For example, if you have ten users in your team then it would cost $15 per user per month if they all had their own individual accounts.

The Bottom Line

If you need basic design capabilities then the free version of Figma should be sufficient. But if you’re working with larger teams or require more advanced features then it may be worth investing in the Pro version so that everyone can collaborate and benefit from additional features.


Do I Need to Pay for Figma? The answer depends on what type of design capabilities you need and how many people will be collaborating on a project. For basic design capabilities and small teams, a free account should be sufficient but if your needs are more advanced then investing in the Pro version is likely worth it.