Does Canva Have a Door Hanger Template?

Canva is an online platform that makes it easy to design anything from webpages to logos. It has a wide range of templates to choose from and the ability to create custom designs.

One of the templates available is a door hanger template. This template can be used to create a professional looking door hanger that can be used for marketing, advertising, or just decoration.

The door hanger template on Canva is quick and easy to use. It has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows users to quickly add text, images, and other elements to the design.

The template also includes a selection of different shapes, sizes, and colors for the door hanger itself. This allows users to customize their design and make it unique.

The Canva door hanger template also offers a range of customization options. Users can choose from different fonts, colors, and images to personalize their design.

They can also adjust the size of the door hanger and add their own text or images if they wish. This allows users to create a truly unique design that stands out.

Once the design is complete, users can download it as an image file or PDF for printing or sharing on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. The template also includes guidelines for proper printing so that the finished product looks its best.


Yes, Canva does have a door hanger template available for use. This template makes it easy for users to create a professional looking door hanger quickly with minimal effort. It also offers customization options so users can make their design unique and stand out from the crowd.