Does Canva Have an Instagram Grid Template?

Canva is a popular online graphic design software that offers users a wide range of templates, fonts and images to create beautiful designs. It has become one of the go-to tools for web and graphic designers around the world. But does Canva have an Instagram grid template?

Yes, Canva Does Have an Instagram Grid Template

Canva has a great selection of templates specifically designed for Instagram. They come in various sizes and shapes to match any type of content you want to post on your social media profile.

You can easily customize the template with your own images, fonts, colors, and logos. The templates also come with pre-set grids so you can easily arrange your posts in one consistent look. It’s also worth noting that Canva’s templates are free to use and you don’t need any special design skills or software.

How To Use Canva’s Instagram Grid Templates

Using Canva’s Instagram grid template is straightforward – just select the template you want to use, add your images or content, customize it to fit your brand, and save it as an image or video. Additionally, if you want your posts to be even more eye-catching, you can add various effects such as gradients, shadows and more. Plus, there are plenty of stock photos and illustrations available in Canva so you don’t need to worry about finding relevant visuals for your posts.


In conclusion, yes Canva does have an Instagram grid template. Its templates are easy to use and customize so anyone can create professional looking posts for their profile without any prior design knowledge or experience. Moreover, with its free stock photos and illustrations available on the platform, creating stunning visuals for your profile is easier than ever before!