Does Figma Have a Desktop App?

Figma is a vector graphics editor, prototyping and collaboration tool. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular design tools available today.

Many designers are turning to Figma for its powerful features and intuitive interface. So, does Figma have a desktop app?

The short answer is yes! Figma does indeed have a desktop app for both Windows and Mac computers.

The desktop app provides the same features as the web-based version, such as vector editing, design prototyping, and collaboration. In addition, the desktop app offers some unique bonuses such as improved performance, streamlined document navigation, and the ability to work offline.

One of the best features of Figma’s desktop app is its speed. By taking advantage of local system resources such as graphics processing units (GPUs) and central processing units (CPUs), designers can enjoy lightning-fast performance with minimal lag time. This makes it easy to quickly edit complex projects without waiting for loading screens or long render times.

The desktop version of Figma also makes it easier to manage complicated projects by providing an intuitive document navigation system. Designers can easily switch between active documents with just a few clicks, allowing them to keep track of multiple projects at once. Additionally, documents are organized into folders according to project or user preferences.

Another advantage of using the Figma desktop app is that it allows designers to work offline without an internet connection. This is particularly useful for working on confidential projects or when traveling in areas with poor or no internet access. Documents are synced automatically once the user reconnects to the internet.


Overall, there are many advantages to using Figma’s desktop app over their web-based version. The increased performance, streamlined document navigation system and ability to work offline make it an ideal choice for designers looking for an efficient design tool.