Does Figma Have Auto Animate?

Figma is a powerful design platform that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It has a wide range of features, including the ability to create beautiful animations. Does Figma have auto animate?

The answer is yes. Figma allows users to create animation with an auto animate feature.

This feature can be used to quickly and easily animate objects within the Figma interface. It is also very easy to use, allowing even novice users to create sophisticated animations with just a few clicks.

The auto animate feature works by applying a set of rules or “tweens” that dictate how an object should move from one position to another over time. You can customize the duration, easing, direction, and other properties of the tweens for each object. This allows you to create complex and dynamic animations with ease and control.

Figma also provides many tools for creating animation outside of the auto animate feature. You can use keyframes to manually set points in time you want an object’s position or property values to change, as well as add easing curves to make your animations more natural looking and smooth out transitions between different frames.

In addition, Figma also offers some advanced features such as motion blur, which adds realism by blurring objects during fast movements; motion path effects which allow you to trace objects along a path you define; and even 3D effects like rotations and perspective shifts which can help add depth and realism to your animations.

All in all, Figma’s auto animate feature is a powerful tool for creating great looking animations quickly and easily with minimal effort on your part. The combination of keyframe-based animation tools, advanced features like motion blur, and other tools like motion paths make it a great choice for any designer looking for an intuitive animation platform.


In conclusion, Figma does have auto animate capabilities that make it easy for users to create high-quality animations with minimal effort.

It also provides various advanced features such as motion blur and 3D effects that help add realism and depth to your work. Overall, this makes it an excellent choice for designers who want an intuitive animation platform.