Does Figma Work on M1 Mac?

With the release of Apple’s new M1 Macs in late 2020, many people have been asking if Figma works on these new devices. The answer is yes, Figma works on both Intel-based and M1 Macs.

Figma is a powerful design platform that enables teams to collaborate on product design in real time. The platform supports various file types and includes powerful features for creating prototypes, working with vector graphics and typography, and more. Figma is also cross-platform, meaning it works on computers running Windows, macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS.

When Apple announced its new M1 Macs, they released an update to Figma to ensure compatibility with the new hardware. This update included support for the latest version of macOS as well as the new processor architecture. It also included performance improvements for the M1 chip.

In addition to ensuring compatibility with the M1 Macs, Figma has also been optimized for maximum performance on these devices. This includes improved rendering speeds and improved responsiveness when working with large files. Additionally, some features — such as audio playback — are now supported on the new hardware.


Yes, Figma does work on M1 Macs. With their latest update, Figma has ensured compatibility with Apple’s new hardware as well as optimized performance for maximum efficiency. So if you have an M1 Mac and are looking for a powerful design platform that supports collaboration in real time — then look no further than Figma!