Does Figma Work on M1 MacBook?

Figma is a powerful online design and prototyping tool that is quickly becoming popular among professionals and hobbyists alike. The tool allows users to create beautiful designs, mockups, and prototypes with ease.

The platform has made it easier than ever to collaborate on projects, which is great for remote teams. With so many features and capabilities, it’s no wonder why Figma is gaining traction in the design world.

One question users often have is “Does Figma work on M1 MacBooks?” The answer is yes!

Figma has recently released an update that supports Apple’s new M1-based Macs. This means that Figma runs natively on the new MacBooks without any additional configuration or setup. This makes it easy for designers to take advantage of the improved performance of their new machines.

The update also includes several other improvements such as faster loading times, improved responsiveness when working with large files and projects, as well as bug fixes and performance improvements. This means that M1 MacBook users can now get the most out of their new hardware when using Figma.

In conclusion, Figma does indeed work on M1 MacBooks thanks to a recent update from the company that made sure their software was compatible with Apple’s new hardware. This ensures that users will be able to take full advantage of the improved performance of their new machines when working with Figma.