Does Figma Work on Safari?

Figma Works on Safari, But with Limitations

Figma is a popular graphic design software that has been designed to work with a variety of web browsers including Safari. The latest version of Figma works on Safari, but there are some limitations to be aware of.

Figma does not support the full range of features available on other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. For instance, some advanced features such as vector editing and animation are not supported in Safari. Additionally, certain UI elements may appear differently or may not function correctly in Safari compared to other browsers.

However, the basic functionality of Figma is still available in Safari and users can still create projects and collaborate with others using the software. The user interface is also generally similar across all supported browsers so that users accustomed to working in one browser can quickly get up to speed when using Figma on Safari.

In addition to being available on Safari, Figma also works on Windows and Mac computers as well as iOS and Android devices. This makes it a great choice for teams that want to collaborate across multiple platforms. It also means that users can access their projects from any device or browser they choose, making it easier for them to continue working no matter where they are.

Figma does have some limitations when used in Safari but these should not hold users back from taking advantage of its powerful features. As long as users are aware of the differences between the platforms, they can make sure that their projects look and behave correctly no matter which browser they use.


In conclusion, Figma does work on Safari but with some limitations compared to other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Users should be aware of these limitations when using the software on Safari but should still be able to take advantage of its powerful features regardless.