Does Figma Work With UserTesting Com?

Figma is an online collaboration platform for designers that allows for real-time collaborative editing. It is a powerful tool for teams to create and iterate on digital designs quickly, reducing the amount of time spent on design projects. Figma also offers integration with other tools, such as, to help teams get feedback from users and improve their designs even further. is an online platform that provides user testing services. It allows companies to gain insights into how their users interact with products and provides feedback on design decisions. This service can be used to inform product development decisions and improve the overall user experience.

Figma’s integration with makes it easy for teams to connect their designs to UserTesting directly from the Figma app. This helps streamline the process of getting feedback from users and ensures that teams get accurate and up-to-date information about how their products are being used.

The integration also allows designers to easily share prototypes with testers so they can provide feedback directly in Figma. This makes it easier for designers to incorporate user feedback into their designs without the need for additional development work.

In conclusion, Figma does work with UserTesting Com, allowing teams to quickly gain insights into how their users interact with products, collect valuable feedback, and improve the overall user experience.