How Do I Add a White Border to a Photo in Canva?

Creating an aesthetically pleasing design is easy with Canva. A popular option is to add a white border to a photo in the editing software, which can help frame the image and make it stand out. Here we will outline the steps to add a white border to your photos in Canva.

Step 1: Log into your Canva account and select “Create a Design”. Select the “Custom Dimensions” button and type in the size for your image, with an additional 5-10 pixels for the border.

Step 2: Click on “Elements” and select “Shapes” from the menu. Choose the square shape, which will be the same size as your image plus 10 pixels for each side of the border.

Step 3: Place the square on top of your photo and select it by clicking on it with your mouse. On the right hand side, change its colour to white in “Edit Colors”. You can also adjust its opacity if you want a slightly lighter shade of white.

Step 4: Right click on the square and select “Send Backward” from the drop down menu. This will bring your photo back to front while leaving the white border around it.

Conclusion: Adding a white border to an image in Canva is easy! All you need to do is create a design with custom dimensions, insert a square shape of equal size, change its colour to white and then send it backwards so that it frames your photo.

With these simple steps, you can easily add a professional-looking frame around any picture!