How Do I Add Audio to My Canva Video?

Adding audio to your Canva video is an easy way to make it more engaging and entertaining. Audio can give your video a professional edge, as well as make it more visually appealing. With the help of Canva’s audio library, you can quickly and easily add audio to your videos.

To get started, open up the Canva editor and select “Video” from the left side of the screen. From there, you will be able to upload your video file or create a new one. Once you’ve uploaded your video file, click on the “Audio” tab at the top of the editor.

You will be presented with a library of audio clips that you can choose from. This library has a wide variety of options, so you should be able to find something that fits with your video content. When you find an audio clip that you like, simply click on it and it will be added to your video.

Once you have added an audio clip to your Canva video, there are some additional settings that you can customize. You can adjust the volume level of the clip by moving the slider on the right side of the screen. You can also adjust its playback speed or use one of Canva’s pre-made transitions if desired.

Adding music or voiceover narration is also possible with Canva’s audio library. To do this, simply select “Music” or “Voiceover Narration” from the left side of the editor, respectively. From there, you can upload any MP3 file or record directly into Canva for either option.

With a few clicks and adjustments, adding audio to your Canva videos is easy and straightforward. Whether it’s background music or voiceover narration, adding sound to your videos is a great way to make them stand out from others.

Adding audio to your Canva videos is simple and straightforward with its intuitive interface and wide selection of audio clips in their library. Whether it’s background music or voiceover narration, adding sound will give your videos a professional edge while making them more visually appealing and engaging.