How Do I Cancel My Canva Subscription on My Macbook?

If you have a Canva account and wish to cancel your subscription, this article is here to help. Canva is a popular design tool that allows users to create beautiful designs with ease.

With Canva, you can create logos, presentations, invitations, and more. You can also subscribe to access even more features for your designs. If you no longer need the subscription, you can easily cancel it on your Macbook.

Step 1: Log in to your Canva account on your Macbook.

Step 2: On the left side of the screen, select the “Settings” option.

Step 3: On the “Settings” page, scroll down until you find the “Billing” section. In this section, select “Change Subscription”.

Step 4: On the “Change Subscription” page, select “Cancel Subscription”.

Step 5: A confirmation page will appear asking if you are sure that you want to cancel your subscription. Select “Yes” and then select “Finish Cancellation”.

Canceling your Canva subscription on a Macbook is an easy process.

All you need to do is log in to your account and navigate to the Billing section in Settings. From there, select Change Subscription and then Cancel Subscription. Finally, confirm that you want to cancel and then finish cancellation.