How Do I Create a Cover for a Figma File?

Creating a cover for a Figma file is a great way to make any design project stand out. It’s also an important step in the design process as it helps to set the tone for the whole project and can be used to communicate the vision of the designer.

There are several different ways to create a cover for a Figma file, ranging from simple to complex.

Using Templates
One of the easiest ways to create a cover for a Figma file is by using templates. A template is an image or graphic that can be used as the foundation for your design.

Many Figma files come with templates pre-installed, but you can also find plenty of free templates online. When using templates, you can customize them with your own text, images, and colors to make them unique and suit your project’s needs.

Creating From Scratch
If you don’t want to use templates or if you have specific requirements that need to be met, then creating your own cover from scratch might be the best option. This involves creating all elements of the design yourself in Figma, including shapes, typography, images, and colors. While this may require more time and effort than using templates, it also allows you more creative freedom and enables you to create something truly unique.

Using Stock Images
If you’re looking for something more professional or want an image that will effectively communicate your message but don’t have access to high-quality graphics or photographs, then stock images may be right for you. There are plenty of stock photos available online that can be downloaded and used in Figma files as part of your cover design without having to worry about copyright issues or attribution requirements.


Creating a cover for a Figma file is an important part of any design project and there are many different ways it can be done depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you choose to use templates, create something from scratch, or use stock images, taking the time to craft an eye-catching cover will help ensure that your design projects look their best.