How Do I Curve an Image in Canva?

Using Canva to curve an image is a fun and simple way to edit your photos. Whether you’re making a photo collage or designing an invitation, you can add a special touch to your project with curved images.

With the help of Canva’s intuitive tools, you can transform your images in no time.

1. Choose Your Image: Start by selecting the image you want to curve in Canva. You can choose from hundreds of professional-quality photos and illustrations available in Canva’s library, or upload your own.

2. Select the Curved Image Tool: To access the curved image tool, click on the ‘Edit’ icon at the top of your canvas. Then select ‘Curved Image.’

3. Use the Curved Image Tool: When you select this feature, two circles will appear on either side of your image.

You can adjust these circles to create a curved effect. The further away from the center point you move these circles, the more dramatic the curve will be.

4. Adjust Transparency and Shadow: You can also adjust the transparency and shadow of your curved image using slider bars at the bottom of your canvas.

5. Save Your Work: Once you are satisfied with how it looks, save your work as either an image file or PDF.

Creating curved images with Canva is easy and fun! With just a few clicks and adjustments, you can quickly enhance any project with curved images that will make it look professional and polished.


How Do I Curve an Image in Canva? Curving an image in Canva is easy – just select the ‘Curved Image’ tool in edit mode, adjust the two circles to create a desired effect and then adjust transparency and shadow if needed before saving as an image file or PDF!