How Do I Get Fonts to Show Up in Figma?

Figma is an online graphic design tool that enables users to easily create digital designs. It is a powerful and versatile tool, but there is one issue that many users face – how do I get fonts to show up in Figma?

The answer to this question is relatively simple, and it involves installing fonts into Figma. Installing fonts into Figma is easy, and it can be done by following these steps:

1. Find the Font
The first step in getting fonts to show up in Figma is to find the font you want to use.

There are many free font websites available online such as Google Fonts, Font Squirrel, and Dafont. Once you have found a font you like, download it onto your computer.

2. Install the Font
Once you have downloaded the font onto your computer, you need to install it so that it can be used in Figma.

To do this, open your fonts folder (usually located in C:/Windows/Fonts) and drag the downloaded font file into this folder. The font will then be installed on your computer and ready for use in Figma.

3. Link the Font in Figma
The next step is to link the font in Figma so that it can be used when creating designs.

To do this, open Figma and navigate to “Settings” > “Fonts” > “Link Fonts”. This will bring up a window where you can enter the name of the font you want to link and click “Link” – this will then link the font to your Figma account so that it can be used when creating designs.

4. Use the Font
The final step is to use the font when creating designs in Figma – simply select your desired text element and choose your newly linked font from the drop-down menu at the top of the page! Your linked font will now appear as an option for all future text elements within your design project(s).

In conclusion, getting fonts to show up in Figma is easy – all you need to do is find a suitable font online, install it onto your computer, link it within Figma’s settings menu, and then use it when creating designs! With just these few simple steps, you can easily add new fonts into Figma for all of your design projects!