How Do I Get Iconify in Figma?

Figma is one of the most popular digital design tools with an ever-growing user base. It has become an essential tool for UI/UX designers, developers, and other professionals involved in digital product design.

Iconify is a popular open source library of icons that can be used in Figma for adding visual elements to designs. Iconify provides a large number of icons from various sources including Google, FontAwesome, and Material Design Icons. There are also custom icon packs from designers and organizations around the world.

Getting Iconify into Figma is easy and fast. To get started, open up Figma and create a new project or open an existing project.

Then click on the ‘+’ icon at the top right to open up the Assets panel and select ‘Icons’. This will open up a browser window where you can search for icons by keyword or browse through the collections available. Once you’ve found the icons you want to use, simply drag them into your project window and they will be added to your design.

Iconify also provides an API which allows developers to integrate Iconify into their own applications or websites. The API allows developers to access Iconify’s library of over 500,000 vector icons which can be used in any application or website with support for SVG files. Developers can also customize the icons by changing their color, size, shape, or adding effects like shadows and gradients.

Iconify is a great way to add visual elements to designs without having to manually create each icon from scratch. It offers an expansive library of high-quality vector icons that are easy to integrate into any project using Figma.

Conclusion: Getting Iconify into Figma is quick and simple – all you need to do is open up Figma’s Assets panel and search for the desired icons or browse through available collections. Additionally, developers can use Iconify’s API to integrate its library of over 500,000 vector icons into their own applications or websites.