How Do I Get Out of Edit Component in SketchUp?

Are you stuck in the Edit Component mode in SketchUp and unsure of how to get out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through the steps to exit the Edit Component mode in SketchUp. Let’s dive in!

Understanding Edit Component Mode

Before we discuss how to exit the Edit Component mode, let’s quickly understand what it is. In SketchUp, Edit Component mode allows you to make changes to individual components within your model without affecting the rest of the model.

When you enter Edit Component mode, all other elements of your model become temporarily hidden or translucent. This allows you to focus solely on editing the specific component without any distractions.

Exiting Edit Component Mode

To exit Edit Component mode in SketchUp, follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Select tool:
  2. The Select tool is represented by an arrow icon and is located on the toolbar. Click on this tool to activate it.

  3. Click outside the component:
  4. Once you have activated the Select tool, simply click anywhere outside of the component you were editing. This action will deselect the component and exit Edit Component mode.

Note: If you have made any changes to the component while in Edit Component mode and wish to save those changes, be sure to click on ‘Save’ or ‘Update’ before exiting. Otherwise, your changes will be lost.

Tips for Working with Components

Here are a few additional tips that can enhance your experience when working with components in SketchUp:

  • Create nested components:
  • To organize your model effectively, consider creating nested components. This allows you to create complex structures while maintaining the ability to edit individual components separately.

  • Utilize the Outliner:
  • The Outliner panel in SketchUp provides a hierarchical view of all the components in your model.

    You can easily select and edit components from this panel, making it a handy tool for managing complex models.

  • Use component libraries:
  • Take advantage of SketchUp’s extensive component libraries. They offer a wide range of pre-built components that can save you time and effort during the modeling process.


Exiting Edit Component mode in SketchUp is as simple as clicking outside the component while using the Select tool. Remember to save any changes you’ve made before exiting to avoid losing your work. Additionally, make use of nested components, utilize the Outliner, and explore component libraries to enhance your modeling workflow.

We hope this tutorial has helped you understand how to exit Edit Component mode in SketchUp and provided some useful tips for working with components. Happy modeling!