How Do I Hide the Side Bar in Figma?

The side bar in Figma is a great tool to quickly access different frames, components and libraries. However, it can be a bit distracting when you want to focus on the design itself. Fortunately, Figma offers several ways to hide the side bar so you can concentrate on the design at hand.

Hiding the Sidebar with Keyboard Shortcuts: The easiest way to hide the sidebar in Figma is by using keyboard shortcuts. The shortcut for hiding the sidebar is Ctrl + B, which will instantly collapse all of your windows and keep them out of sight until you need them again. This is an especially useful trick if you’re trying to focus on a specific element or frame within your design.

Hiding the Sidebar with Menus: If keyboard shortcuts aren’t your thing, you can also hide the sidebar by using menus. To do this, simply click on the “View” menu item at the top of your screen and select “Hide Sidebar”. This will remove all of your windows from view until you bring them back up again.

Hiding Sections within Your Sidebar: If you don’t want to fully hide your sides, but just want to get rid of certain sections that are taking up too much space or are distracting from other elements in your design, then you can also do that. To do this, simply click on the arrow next to each section in your sidebar and select “Hide”. This will remove that section from view until you bring it back up again.

Customizing Your Sidebar Layout: You can also customize how your side bar looks by changing its layout options. To do this, click on the “Layout” button at the top of your sidebar and select one of the options available. This will allow you to customize how much space each section takes up and make sure everything looks just right for what you’re working on.

Conclusion: Figma’s side bar is an incredibly helpful tool for quickly accessing different frames, components and libraries without having to leave what you’re currently working on. However, if it becomes too distracting or cumbersome then there are several ways to easily hide it or customize its layout so that it better fits with what you’re working on. By utilizing keyboard shortcuts, menus or customizing its layout options, users can ensure their side bar remains out of sight until they need it again.