How Do I Import to Figma?

Figma is a powerful and user-friendly digital design tool for creating illustrations, designs and prototypes for web, mobile or desktop applications. It is the perfect tool for designers, allowing them to quickly and easily create stunning visuals. Its innovative features make it easy for anyone to import their own designs into Figma, allowing them to take advantage of the platform’s powerful features.

One of the most useful features that Figma offers is its ability to import a variety of different file types. This allows users to quickly and easily import existing work from other programs and platforms such as Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, Photoshop and more.

To begin importing your files into Figma, you will first need to select your file type. Once you have selected your file type, you can then open it in Figma by clicking on the ‘Import’ button in the top right corner of the page.

From here you can select which parts of your artwork you would like to import. You can choose from components such as layers, vectors or text elements.

Once your artwork has been imported into Figma, you can then style it using a range of tools including: fonts, colors and effects. You can also add animations and interactions using Figma’s powerful animation tools.


Importing artwork into Figma is an easy process which allows users to take advantage of its powerful features. Once imported, users are able to style their artwork using a range of tools including fonts, colors and effects as well as adding animations and interactions.