How Do I Make a Round Logo in Canva?

Creating a round logo for your business or project using Canva is an easy and straightforward process. You can create a unique and memorable logo in just a few minutes, no matter your level of design experience.

The first step to creating your round logo is to sign up for an account with Canva. This will give you access to the platform’s many features and tools, including the ability to make logos. Once you have signed up, you can then click on the ‘Create a Design’ button in the top right corner of the page.

Once you have clicked this, you will be taken to the Canva homepage where you can select what type of design you would like to create. In this case, select ‘Logo’. You will then be taken to the Canva logo maker where you can choose from a range of templates or start from scratch.

When it comes to making your round logo, there are several options available:

  • Simple Round Template: To create a simple round logo, select one of the pre-made templates that is already circular in shape and customize it as desired.
  • Custom Round Logo: If none of the pre-made templates are suitable for your needs, then you can create your own custom round logo from scratch by adding shapes, images and text elements.
  • Text Logo: Alternatively, if you don’t need an image or graphic element in your logo then simply type out some text into one of the ready-made text boxes and customize it until it’s perfect.

Once you have finalized your design and are happy with it, click on ‘Download’ at the top right corner which will allow you to save your file as either a JPG or PNG file format. You can also share it on social media or embed it directly onto websites.

Creating a round logo using Canva is quick and easy – no matter what level of design experience you have. With its user-friendly tools and versatile features, anyone can make an eye-catching logo in minutes!


Canva makes creating a round logo easy – regardless of how experienced designer or not you are. By signing up for an account on Canva’s website, users have access to pre-made templates as well as tools they need to customize their logos from scratch. With its user-friendly features and versatile tools anyone can make an eye-catching circular logo in just minutes!