How Do I Make a Yearbook on Canva?

Making a yearbook on Canva can be an exciting and enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to bring back memories and document key moments from the past year.

Canva has made it easy for anyone to create their own yearbook, with templates, free images, and plenty of design options.

The first step to making a yearbook on Canva is to choose a template. You can select from any of the professionally designed templates available in the library.

With hundreds of options, you’re sure to find one that matches your vision for the book. Once you’ve selected your template, you can start customizing it by changing colors, fonts, or adding elements like photos and illustrations.

When it comes time to add content, there are plenty of options available too. You can include photos, videos, quotes, stories, or any other content that will help capture the spirit of the past year. For photos specifically, Canva has a wide selection of free stock images that you can use in your yearbook.

Once all the content is added in, it’s time to start styling! With Canva’s drag-and-drop editor, you have full control over how your book looks and feels. You can choose from a range of fonts and color palettes to make sure everything looks just right.

Publishing Your Yearbook:

When you’re happy with how everything looks, you can publish your yearbook! You have two options – either print it out at home or order copies through Canva Print. For digital versions, you can save as PDF or PNG files.

Creating a yearbook on Canva is easy and fun! With templates to get started quickly and plenty of options for customizing everything from content to style – it’s never been easier to make an amazing yearbook.


Making a yearbook on Canva is an enjoyable experience that requires minimal effort but yields maximum results. All users need to do is select one of the professionally designed templates in the library; customize it with colors and fonts; add content such as photos or videos; style it using drag-and-drop tools; then either print out copies at home or order them through Canva Print. With all these features at their disposal Рthere’s no limit to what users can create!