How Do I Make Figma Interactive?

Figma is a powerful design tool and a great alternative to traditional design software. It’s an easy-to-use platform that allows designers to create designs quickly and collaborate with teams in real-time. It also offers a wide range of features, from vector editing to prototyping, making it ideal for creating interactive designs.

Interactive design is the process of creating designs that respond to user input. This can be done in Figma by using components, frames, and states. Components are reusable elements that can be used to create complex designs quickly. Frames are used to organize components and control their position on the canvas. States are variations of components that can be switched between when an action is performed by the user.

Using components, frames, and states in Figma makes creating interactive designs easy and efficient. To start, create the base design layout with components such as buttons, text boxes, and icons. Then add frames around them to control their position on the canvas. After that, add states for each component so they respond when interacted with by the user. For example, a button could have two different states – one for when it’s clicked and another for when it’s not clicked.

The next step is adding animation effects to make your design more interactive. Effects can be added by using keyframes and easing functions in Figma’s timeline feature. Keyframes are used to set specific points in time where changes occur while easing functions define how an effect transitions between those points in time.

Finally, Figma also offers prototyping tools which can be used to link different frames together so users can navigate through them while interacting with your design. This feature allows you to test out how your design works before launching it into production.


Making Figma interactive involves using components, frames, states, animations effects, and prototyping tools all together in order to create responsive designs that react according to user input. With these tools at hand anyone can easily create engaging designs for web or mobile projects within minutes!