How Do I Make My Canva Not Blurry?

High-quality visuals are essential for success in the digital world. Canva is a great tool to create stunning images, but unfortunately, blurry images can ruin your design.

To ensure that your Canva creations stay sharp and vibrant, you must consider a few things.

Check the Resolution

Canva offers a range of resolution options for your designs, ranging from extra low to high quality. When setting up a new design in Canva, make sure you select the highest resolution option to ensure your image stays sharp regardless of where it’s used or how it’s viewed.

Using Quality Images

It’s important to use quality images when designing with Canva. Low-resolution images can often appear blurry or pixelated when scaled up or printed at higher sizes. Make sure you are using high-resolution photos and illustrations only.

Limiting Amount of Zoom

When designing with Canva, it’s easy to get carried away zooming in and out of your design. However, doing so too much will cause your image to become blurry or pixelated. To keep your image crisp and clear, try limiting the amount of zoom you use.

Re sizing Images Carefully

When resizing an image in Canva, make sure that you do so carefully. Resizing an image too much can cause it to become distorted and blurry. To avoid this issue, try resizing the image by small increments instead of one large resize.


Creating crisp visuals with Canva can be tricky if you don’t know what factors affect its clarity and quality. To make sure that your designs remain sharp and vibrant, make sure to check the resolution settings before starting a project, use high-quality images only and limit the amount of zoom while also resizing images carefully.