How Do I Open a Link in Figma?

Figma is a powerful vector design tool for creating and collaborating on designs. It is used by many professionals in the design industry, from web designers and graphic artists to UX/UI designers.

One of the most convenient features of Figma is the ability to quickly open links in the same window or in a separate window. This makes working with external resources such as websites, images, and videos much easier.

Opening links in Figma is simple and straightforward. To open a link in Figma, simply select it and click the “Open Link” button.

Alternatively, you can also right-click on the link and select “Open Link” from the menu that appears. This will open the link in a new tab or window within Figma.

You can also add links directly to your designs. To do this, select an object on your canvas and click on the “Link” button located at the top of the Properties panel.

From here you can enter any URL into the field provided and it will be added as a link to your design. You can then open this link by selecting it and clicking on the “Open Link” button.

Figma also supports embedded links within text elements such as labels or titles. To add an embedded link to your design, simply select an existing text element or create a new one by clicking on the “Text” button located at the top of your canvas toolbar. Then enter any URL into your text element and it will automatically be converted into an embedded link when you click away from it.

Opening Links in Mobile Apps

In addition to opening links within Figma’s desktop version, you can also open them in mobile apps such as iOS or Android versions of Figma. To do this, simply select a link within your project file and tap on it to open it up in its native app.


In conclusion, opening links in Figma is easy to do with just a few clicks of your mouse or taps of your finger! This makes accessing external resources such as websites, images, videos and more faster than ever before when working with Figma designs.