How Do I Select All Designs in Canva?

If you’re looking to create a professional design quickly and easily, then Canva is one of the best tools available. With pre-made templates and easy-to-use design tools, it can be used to create anything from simple logos to complex presentations.

However, if you want to select all designs in Canva at once, the process can be a bit tricky. This article will explain how to select all designs in Canva for those who are new to the platform.

Selecting All Designs in Canva

When you first open Canva, you’ll see a list of different design types on the left side of the screen. Under each type, there will be several designs that have been created by other users. To select all of these designs at once, simply click on the ‘Select All’ button at the top of the list.

Once you’ve done this, all of the designs in that particular category will be selected. You can then use them as you wish – adding text or images, changing colors and fonts, or even deleting them if they don’t fit your project needs.

Using Filters to Select Designs

If you want to be more specific with your selection process, Canva also provides several filters that can help narrow down your choices. By clicking on the ‘Filter’ button next to ‘Select All’ at the top of the list, a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to select specific criteria such as color scheme or size range.

Once you’ve chosen your criteria, click ‘Apply’ and only those designs which meet those criteria will remain selected. This is great for when you need to find something specific for your project quickly and easily.


Selecting all designs in Canva is easy once you know how – just click on the ‘Select All’ button and then use filters if needed for more specific results. With this knowledge in hand, anyone should be able to quickly create stunning designs with ease.