How Do I Use XD in Figma?

Figma and Adobe XD are two of the most popular design tools used by professionals in the graphic design industry. Figma is a vector graphics editor, while Adobe XD is a user experience (UX) design platform. Both programs offer powerful features to help designers create stunning visuals, but they’re used differently depending on the type of project.

Using Figma for Vector Design
Figma is a great tool for creating vector graphics and illustrations. It comes with a variety of tools that allow users to create anything from icons to logos to complex illustrations. The program also offers several features to help designers collaborate with other team members, such as real-time collaboration and an online chat room for discussing project details.

Figma’s main strength lies in its simple UI and intuitive controls, allowing users to quickly jump into designing without having to learn complex software. It also has an extensive library of shapes, colors, fonts, and other elements that can be used as building blocks for projects.

Using Adobe XD for UX Design
Adobe XD is specifically built for creating user experience (UX) designs. It allows designers to quickly prototype ideas and test them out on different devices before committing them as part of the final product.

XD comes with several tools designed for designing interactive interfaces, including custom shapes, buttons, animations, and even voice-enabled controls. It also has a range of plugins that extend its capabilities even further by adding additional features such as data analysis or third-party integrations with services like Slack or Dropbox.

Adobe XD also provides plenty of collaboration features that make it easy for teams to work together on projects in real time. The program supports multi-player editing so multiple users can work on the same project at once, as well as commenting tools that allow designers to quickly review and discuss changes before they’re implemented in the final product.

How Do I Use XD in Figma?

XD can be integrated with Figma through plugins or custom scripts built by third-party developers. This allows designers to use XD’s features within Figma’s interface and take advantage of both programs’ strengths at once. Additionally, some third-party plugins offer direct integration between Figma and XD so designers can sync their designs across both programs without needing any additional setup steps.


Figma and Adobe XD are two powerful design tools that offer different benefits depending on the type of project you’re working on. When using both programs together, you can take advantage of their respective strengths by integrating them through plugins or custom scripts built by third-party developers so you can get the most out of your workflows without having to compromise on either program’s features or capabilities.