How Do You Add Audio to Canva Videos?

Adding audio to a Canva video is a great way to take your video projects to the next level. It adds an extra layer of professionalism and can help you create more engaging content. And with Canva’s easy-to-use tools, it’s never been simpler to add audio to your videos.

Step 1: Select a Music Track

The first step in adding audio to your Canva video is selecting a music track. You can upload an existing track from your computer or browse through thousands of royalty-free music tracks available in Canva’s library. Just select the one that fits your video best!

Step 2: Adjust Audio Settings

Once you’ve selected your music track, you can adjust its settings to get the perfect sound for your video. You can change the volume, adjust the fade-in and fade-out times, and even loop it if desired.

Step 3: Add Audio To Video

Once you’ve selected and adjusted your audio settings, it’s time to add it to your video. Simply drag and drop the audio file onto the canvas and adjust its position accordingly. Then click “Add Audio” and watch as Canva does all the hard work for you!

Step 4: Preview Your Video

Before you share or publish your video, make sure to preview it first. This will allow you to check that everything looks great before you make it public. And if any adjustments need to be made, they can be done quickly and easily.


Adding audio to a Canva video is easy and straightforward thanks to its intuitive tools and features. With just a few clicks, you can take your videos from good to great by adding an extra layer of professionalism with music tracks or sound effects.