How Do You Animate a Slider in Webflow?

Are you looking to add some dynamic and eye-catching elements to your website? One surefire way to achieve this is by incorporating an animated slider.

An animated slider allows you to showcase multiple images or content in a visually appealing and interactive manner. In this tutorial, we will explore how you can easily animate a slider using Webflow.

Getting Started

If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for a Webflow account and create a new project. Once you’re in the Webflow Designer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create a Slider Element

To begin, drag and drop a Slider element from the Elements panel onto your canvas. This will serve as the container for our animated slider.

Step 2: Add Slide Content

Now it’s time to populate your slider with content. Each slide will contain the elements you want to animate.

To add slides, click on the Slider element, and in the right-hand panel, click on “Add Slide”. Repeat this step for as many slides as you need.

Step 3: Designing Slide Contents

To make each slide unique, style the individual slide contents accordingly. You can add text elements, images, buttons, or any other components that suit your needs. Remember that these are the elements that will be animated within each slide.

Animating Slides

Now that we have our slider structure set up let’s dive into animating the slides themselves. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Selecting Animation Type

In Webflow’s Interactions panel, select the slide you want to animate by clicking on it within the Navigator or directly on canvas. In the Interactions panel, click on “Add New Interaction” and choose the type of animation you want to apply. For example, you might want a slide to fade in, slide in from the right, or scale up.

Step 2: Configuring Animation Settings

After selecting the animation type, you can further customize its settings. Adjust parameters like duration, delay, easing, and more to achieve the desired effect. Take your time experimenting with these settings to find the perfect balance for your animated slider.

Step 3: Testing and Previewing

Once you’ve configured your animation, take a moment to preview it by clicking on the “Preview” button in the Webflow Designer. This will allow you to see how your slides animate in real-time and make any necessary adjustments.

Adding Interactions to Slider Navigation

To enhance user experience and provide more control over the animated slider, it’s a good idea to add interactions to the slider navigation buttons. Here’s how:

Step 1: Selecting Navigation Element

In Webflow’s Designer, identify your slider navigation elements. These are usually previous/next arrows or pagination dots. Select one of these elements by clicking on it within the Navigator or directly on canvas.

Step 2: Adding Interaction

In the Interactions panel, click on “Add New Interaction”. Choose an appropriate trigger for your interaction (e.g., click or hover) and select an animation type that suits your design preferences.

Step 3: Configuring Navigation Interaction

Similar to animating slides, configure the settings of your navigation interaction such as duration and easing. Additionally, specify which element(s) should be affected by this interaction. For instance, you might want the slider to move to the next slide when the user clicks on the “next” arrow.


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to animate a slider in Webflow.

By incorporating animated sliders into your website, you can create engaging and visually appealing content that captures your visitors’ attention. Remember to experiment with different animations, timings, and interactions to find the perfect combination for your unique design.

  • Sign up for a Webflow account
  • Create a new project
  • Add a Slider element
  • Populate slides with content
  • Select animation type
  • Configure animation settings
  • Test and preview animations
  • Add interactions to navigation elements
  • Configure navigation interactions

Now that you have all the tools and knowledge needed, it’s time to let your creativity shine and create stunning animated sliders in Webflow!